Dainan Gilmore

Computers caught my interested in high school, which made me enter Louisiana State University. While studying computer science and related things, I took heed to cybersecurity troubles and crypto mining.

In the beginning, I studied these topics only theoretically. But when I had seen such processes in practice, I knew to what thing I would dedicate my life.

In such a way, cybersecurity issues and cryptoanalysis became the objects of my life. Now I'm absorbed with the analyses of various cyber attacks, cryptocurrency, and whatnot.

Due to my knowledge and skills, I managed to become a part of BestVPNRating team. It affords ground for the detailed investigation of cybersecurity tools and participation in the projects related to user privacy on the Internet.

The facilities offered by BestVPNRating encouraged me to research on the following topics:

  • Internet privacy;
  • Protection of DD-WRT;
  • safe torrenting;
  • security protocols;
  • kids' online protection;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • various online privacy tools.

The main target of the site I work for is to inform an average user about all possible ways of hacking attacks and data loss prevention.

Thus, with backing from a computer security researcher David Balaban, we have conducted a thorough investigation of more than 140 Virtual Private Network providers.

On top of it, I cover cryptocurrency issues. I know how to cover technical topics in layman's language. Only facts-supported news, accurate information, and verified figures are the principles I follow when it comes to highlighting the issues interesting for people.

My professional expertise allows me to post my articles on top websites:

I set sights on fighting for security on the network. I believe that people fall victims to hacking attacks as a result of a lack of information within the realm of cyber fraud. If you are concerned about your privacy, don't miss the chance to read my articles and share them in social media.